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Recycled Bottle Planter

Reducing Waste In Merton

Disclaimer: Please note, the guidance here has been populated using publicly available information and interviews, discussions and engagement with members of the public or other knowledgeable parties. Being listed on this website is not an endorsement of the product or service in any way. The Wheel has not undertaken any independent measures to verify claims.


Millions of tons of food get wasted in the U.K every year and yet 1 in 10 people go hungry. Can we take steps to reduce our food waste?

Food and Drink
Boutique Clothing Shop


How can we all play a part in reducing the estimated 336,000 tonnes of used clothing that are discarded each year in the UK?

Furniture & non-electrical

Often found in fly tipped heaps, there are a number of things we can do to reduce this type of waste including learning how to make simple fixes ourselves.

Exchange Shop from Above_edited_edited.jpg
Learning with Tablets

Tech & electrical

Are these too complicated and too difficult to repair? Learn about the initiatives that aim to demystify equipment repair. 


Everything comes wrapped in it these days, mostly plastic and a lot of it single use. Here are some ways to reduce it (still one of the hardest types of waste to address)

Home Renovation


Have you counted the number of skips in a 1 mile radius around your house? Have you ever looked into them? Not surprisingly construction waste is one of the largest types of waste by weight in the U.K. Check out some useful resources for reclaimed construction material for your projects to lower the embodied/whole life carbon footprint of buildings.

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