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Furniture & Non-electricals

These items are discarded from households and businesses everyday. But if reused or upcycled with care, many of these items can last for decades! 

To donate for reuse:

British Heart Foundation

  • They do free collections. Check out the store in Mitcham. There are other stores nearby as well.


Dons Local Action Group

  • The local charity collect furniture for redistribution to those in need. Click here to visit their website.


  • You can donate old bicycles to the Bike Project . They refurbish donated bikes and  give them to refugees and asylum seekers.

  • Check out Dr Bike to organize free bike checks for your group. Contact Merton council to see when the next session will be held locally.


Work & Play scrapstore

  • Carpets & offcuts - the carpet must be in a reasonable state

  • Cork 

  • Costume jewellry (even broken ones)

  • Ceramic tiles (small quantities) - these may also be accepted by reclaimed material vendors. Check out this directory's construction waste page.​



Metal hangers

  • Return these to your local dry cleaners – confirm with them first.​



  • Any high street charity shop or via social media

Old yoga mats

  • If you are looking for a new yoga mat, Evergreenyogi seem to accept your old ones to help others in need.



  • Workaid is a charity that collects unwanted tools and equipment from across the UK.

  • Charity shops (maybe not all, so worth checking). Even rusty ones - although you could try cleaning them up beforehand, e.g. with Coca cola) will be accepted by some charity shops .


Old nails

  • Local scrap yard.



Tennis balls

No directory in Merton (home to Wimbledon) is complete without a tennis mention!

  • You can donate them to local dog charity or send them to recycle tennis who will do that for you

  • Recycaball will buy used tennis balls that are in good condition for up to 20p will either re-pressurize them to give them a new lease of life, or pass them on to charities


To recycle:

Pens (working & used)

  • Rymans - have a tub usually at the front of the shop where you can drop off (some maybe in conjunction with Terracycle).


Brita water filter

  • At most Argos, Robert Dyas and Homebase provide boxes for the collection of used filters.​


Brands like Ikea have take back schemes.

Dunelm now has a scheme called Pass it on where they collect preloved textiles, kitchenware & decor, electricals, furniture & mattresses to be re-used, donated or recycled into something new (scheme runs only in specific stores- check their website beforehand).

Have you thought about borrowing books again from the local library like before instead of buying one?

Check out for their huge selection of everyday preloved items

Bee Creative Arts - local small business which can also do upcycling.


Daniel’s upholstery - get your furniture upholstered or re-upholstered locally. 


If you are looking for office furniture - Check out the local second hand office furniture store on Kingston road (no website).

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