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Online Platforms

Websites and apps are bringing communities together to share, sell, donate, repair and recycle our preloved items. We've listed some great options below to prevent as much waste as possible!

Online platforms

Online platforms for donation, reuse and sharing:


Check out ReLondon's circular economy matchmaker, a directory of innovative circular businesses in London. 

For a map of charities and businesses in South London that help with waste reduction, please visit South London Partnership's zero waste map

Peers in other parts of London have also put together comprehensive information packs. Check out the waste reduction resources in West London, North London and East London waste authority websites. If you find ideas or initiatives there that are inspiring but missing here, let us know and we can replicate them. 

Have a look at what you are throwing away and think if you could use it differently.


Social media sites are a great resource for the reuse economy! Be sure to try one of these apps to share, donate or receive every day items and get handy ‘how-to’ tips.

Paper Recycling Bin

Which type of waste will you reduce next?

So many types of materials can be recirculated to save energy, resources, and money, reducing carbon emissions along the way. Explore how you can reduce waste from furniture, textiles, tech and electricals, food, packaging and construction.

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