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MOAT housing estate recycling project

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

The Pollards Hill area in Merton, particularly around housing estates, has a significant fly-tipping (illegal waste dumping) problem which affects the local environment and adds to the clean up costs.

In conjunction with the MOAT estate’s retrofitting and refurbishment plan, Sustainable Merton will lead a 12 month engagement project to influence waste reduction behaviour change amongst the residents of the estate. This builds on the findings from the #InTheLoop study done with award winning environmental charity Hubbub. Sustainable Merton will work with the Moat Foundation to identify partnership opportunities within Pollards Hill and provide recommendations for best practice as the community works towards sustainable and environmental objectives.

The primary areas of focus of the project will be educational engagement on new bin stores to improve waste disposal behaviour across the estate, redesigning the bin store vinyls and related materials to improve rates of recycling and reduce contamination and fly tipping.

Community champions will be recruited from within the estates to role model and engage with residents. The insights and experience gained from a project like this can be used to influence waste reduction behaviours in other housing estates, delivering huge environmental and well-being benefits.

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